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Water Saving Showers          

Water Conservation without Compromises

Innovative technologies can now achieve water and energy saving while providing an exceptional water flow and an exhilirating shower experience.

In contrast to conventional water restrictors, the products based on these technologies enhance the water pressure through automatic air intake to provide an enjoyable and invigorating shower experience.

Technology   Products   Cost Saving

Shower heads based on these technologies are already in use in private homes and in a wide variety of organizations including hotels, sport clubs and fitness centers, and provide multiple benefits to their users.

Consumer satisfaction from these technologies is significant and it stems from the many benefits that are accrued from these shower heads:

  • Environmental friendliness
  • Invigorating showering experience
  • Water cost savings
  • Savings in drainage cost
  • Reduction in water heating costs (a smaller amount of water is heated)
  • Greater sustainability insofar as these shower heads do not calcinate, - nor corrode

Econologic!  Enjoying your shower experience while preserving water resources, protecting the environment AND saving money!


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