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Product/Item Name:Water Saving Hand-held Shower Head
List Price:$52.00
Our Price:$35.50
Tax:Including tax
Shipping Cost:$7.50
Total Price:$43.00
Delivery time:7 Business Days
Warranty Period:2-years
Manufacturer Name:Econologic Systems

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  • Internal Venturi self-pressurizing mechanism
  • Significant saving of up to 50% on water and energy costs.
  • Comfortable and pleasant water pressure.
  • Simple installation on existing flexi-pipe in place of the existing shower head. Standard 1/2" fitting.
  • Self cleaning - water and calcination residues are automatically extracted out of the shower head at the end of each use
  • Hign quality and durable ABS plastic construction with chrome/nickel finish
  • Superb aesthetic and attractive design
Enormous savings for a small investment!

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