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Product/Item Name:Water Saving Fixed Shower Head
List Price:$49.00
Our Price:$34.50
Tax:Including tax
Shipping Cost:$7.50
Total Price:$42.00
Delivery time:7 Business Days
Warranty Period:6 Years
SKU:Eco 105
Manufacturer Name:Econologic Systems

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·         Less than 2 gallons per minute at an average pressure of 60 PSI.
·         Provides an energetic shower experience whilst saving as much as 70% in water and energy consumption
·         Unique water spray mechanism based on a turbulence cell for air suction and water pressurization
·         Enhancd water pressure
·         Solid brass construction from precision machined parts without any castings - no plastic parts
·         Quality chrome plated
·         Anti-calcification
·         Prevents spread of Legionnaires’ and other bacterial diseases due to complete water drainage
·         Self cleaning and maintenance-free
·         Autoclavable
·         Installation on existing pipe on ceiling or wall
·         Easily fitted on the current standard ½” thread pipe
·         Option of specially designed key as the ultimate protection mechanism against theft and vandalism
·         Durable and long lasting
·         6 year warranty

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